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As a physics teacher for many a year light has always been a fascination, but lately it has turned into more of a creative interest. I have always been drawn to photography. The ability that a great photographer has to stir the imagination and make the unseen visible, often in no more than 1/200 of a second, makes photography, for me, an art form in its truest sense. As is the case with any form of art though, the 'essence' of it lies in its meaning to the viewer. As you may gather from my selections, I tend to explore the mundane and the natural... I like to notice and highlight what often goes unnoticed by many - the things we walk past, tidy away and ignore everyday.

Digital photography has given me an opportunity to practice (without breaking the bank) and what I have shared here is a selection of images that mean something to me. Photoshop has allowed me to dabble in post production however I am a firm believer in capturing the image 'in camera'.

If you like what you see, I'd appreciate your thoughts in a message. It is sometimes difficult (and often arrogant) to judge one's self so any feedback would be gratefully received. 


Also, if you are interested in taking advantage of the services I can offer then see my 'Services' page and then drop me a line (click on 'Contact me' in the 'About' drop down menu).

 I will respond to all serious enquiries and reply via email so please make sure you add your email address correctly.

If I can help, I will! 

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